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Why choose leaf

Tea is natural and we intend to keep it this way, unlike most brands in supermarkets. Even well respected long established tea companies seem to have lost the plot …most of flavoured infusions for example contain artificial flavours or what they call “nature identical” which is not strictly natural. Did you wish you didn’t know that?

We have no intention to become "big". Our investment goes in priority in selecting great leaf teas, spending a minute % of our turnover on advertising. So please do the communication for us and recommend us!

We all spend at least 50p on a can of soft drink and we are quite happy to spend over £3 for a coffee on the go, yet we spend little on tea. Good quality leaf tea is still cheaper than most drinks, less than 20p a cup! Makes you think doesn’t it?

About 90% of the protective antioxidants in tea are contained in the youngest 3 leaves and bud of the tea bush. Just do one thing tonight at home, take a teabag from your cupboard, cut it with a pair of scissors and have a look at the tea, looks like dust doesn’t it? At leaf we only do quality young leaves, whole or “broken”, but no dust.

We pride ourselves in our taste buds and our addictive curiosity and care for leaf tea, but we’re no masters. We’re lucky to be working with top experts in their fields who help us search, source and validate our products before they reach you.

We care. Who doesn’t? well actually, the big boys of the tea industry don’t all seem to care much. Quality standards and prices are going down, putting pressures on growers and the thousands of tea pickers in the world. Did you know that after rice, tea is the crop that employs most people in the world? So tea, and your tea choice, can have a pretty big impact on people’s livelihoods. The more you guys buy quality, the greater value goes back into the tea communities by paying prices per kilo to the growers well above mainstream teas. At Leaf, we believe that lifting quality lifts the chances for a better life for those involved in the chain.

We can give you more reasons why to choose leaf teas but your instinct will tell you whether to buy us in the first place and your taste buds will tell you whether you should buy us again! Yes we think our products are yummy. It’s the real stuff. Beautiful, clean tastes, the sort of experience we hope will make you want to stick to quality leaf teas.

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