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We offer 100% natural, whole leaf, hand packed teas and herbal infusions. They're available for purchase online on this website as well as in a few stockists.

Leaf was set up in 2005 by its original founder who after over 10 years spent in the food and drinks industry, including the tea sector simply had enough of the growing industrialization and uniformization of products, and wanted to go against this wave. 

Taste, quality and simplicity are what it's all about at Leaf. From the crisp fresh taste of our peppermint to the gentle taste of our organic green tea, it's all here for you to try, just real clean tastes. 

We use only 100% natural crops (no hidden 'nature identical' flavours), truly real ingredients and health packed young leaves (why settle for dust and leftovers of leaves when the goodness and subtle taste is in the core youngest leaves?). And they are all hand packed to avoid any mecanised process break the leaves.

We also sell everything that makes tea time so enjoyable with great tea accessories, with an emphasis where we can on items made by hand or close to home.

We couldn't have put the tea range together without 'taste buds' and a real expertise. So we buy most of our tea via one of the last remaining real tea expert in Europe and his very small team. We benefit from his long standing direct relationships with tea gardens and unrivalled taste. He will be on the ground many months of the year choosing teas to bring back, a few of which we present to you. 

When you buy quality teas, this means the prices per kilo the growers get are well above mainstream teas. Buying poor quality tea goes hand in hand with low prices per kilo to growers. Quality offers a chance to tea growers to exit or minimise the race for cheaper products, a race that can only lead one way: downwards, leaving no choice to tea gardens than to squeeze costs to survive (including and foremost wages). Quality, we believe, is the first step towards fairness and sustainability.

Don't settle for tea dust 

the leaf team
nb: read more on why choosing leaf here 

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