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100 paper filters + 1 stylish reusable stick
100 paper filters with 1 stylish reusable stick
6 mini tins taster set
Aromatic Chai tea 125g leaf tea - 50 cups
Aromatic Chai tea
From £1.80
Balancing infusion  125g loose - 50 cups
Balancing infusion
From £6.80
Berry flowers waist apron
Black tea from Darjeeling
Black tea from the roof of the world
Black tea scented with lychee
Black tea scented with rose
Camomile infusion  50g loose - 50 cups
Camomile infusion
From £4.50
Earl grey tea
Earl grey tea
From £3.20
English Breakfast tea
English Breakfast tea
From £1.80
Organic jasmine scented green tea pearls
Everyday black tea
From £2.00
Gift wrapping
Gift wrapping
Glass cup & saucer with stainless steel strainer and lid
Glass cup & saucer with strainer and lid
Green Smokebush tea towel
Green tea with Osmanthus flowers
Jasmine green tea flowers
Jasmine tea
Jasmine tea
From £1.80
Landscape cushion
Leaf tea taster box:
Leaf tea taster box with paper filters
Linden infusion from Provence
Miko glass teapot 1.2L with glass strainer
Nova glass teapot
One cup tea/coffee infuser
Opus 150ml glass cup and saucer
Opus glass teapot
Opus glass teapot
From £9.90
Organic Assam black tea
Organic green tea
Organic green tea
From £2.20
Organic jasmine scented green tea pearls 50g leaf tea - 50 cups
organic olive leaf infusion 50g loose - 20 cups
Organic oolong "blue" tea
50 results
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