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Peppermint Infusion
20g loose - 20 cups £ 2.60
Gold Taste Award 2009 ! This peppermint is delicious, full of sweetness, with a peppery edge and lasting refreshment. Caffeine free and believed to help digestion, this infusion is a great everyday choice and perfect after meals. ...  
Organic Raspberry Leaf Infusion
Rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C and E as well as magnesium, calcium and iron, raspberry leaves are believed to help in late pregnancy and during the birthing process. Always check your own...  
Camomile infusion
50g loose - 50 cups £ 3.40
This camomile won't fail you, smooth with a natural honey sweet taste and its pretty flowers remind you straight away what you're not getting in ordinary teabags...  
Linden infusion from Provence
15g loose -15 cups £ 3.50
Linden (or ‘tilleul’ in French) is one of the best selling infusions in France, used for generations to relax in the evening. You can admire its stunning looking long pale ribbon-like green leafy ‘bracts’ and its delicate...  
organic olive leaf infusion
50g loose - 20 cups £ 3.60
A very clean, light, mild infusion (does not taste of olives...but has a slight savoury note to it.). It was used in ancient Egypt as a daily drink to protect against viruses.  
Verbena Infusion
20g loose - 20 cups £ 3.70
As featured in Woman & Home. Verbena, also called lemon verbena, is a very fragrant herb with lemony notes. Believed to have digestive benefits and relaxing effects. It’s a pleasure to see its curly green leaves unfurl ...  
Refreshing infusion
100g loose - 66 cups £ 5.80
A fresh clean tasting infusion with lemongrass, lemon peels, black pepper, peppermint, ginger pieces and liquorice. Caffeine free  
Leaf tea taster box:
chai tea, black tea rose, organic green tea £ 6.50
organic assam tea, organic oolong tea, organic Darjeeling tea £ 6.50
English Breakfast, everyday black tea, black tea lychee £ 6.50
jasmine tea, organic white tea, organic green tea £ 6.50
earl grey tea, chai tea, English Breakfast tea £ 6.50
Leaf herbal infusion taster box: balancing, organic rooibos, peppermint £ 6.50
Full set 6 boxes (10% discount + FREE delivery) £ 39.00
New! Here is a gift idea to put a smile on a tea drinker's face: lovingly packed by hand in our workshop, 3 packs of loose leaf teas (enough for up to 30 cups in total)...  
Balancing infusion
125g loose - 50 cups £ 6.80
This stunning blend was put together according to Ayurveda principles and is a real invitation to relax and a true sensory delight!  
Organic Rooibos Infusion
125g loose - 60 cups £ 6.80
A light, mild, sweet infusion that makes the perfect caffeine free substitute to tea. Can be drunk with milk and sugar. The rooibos herb is believed to have relaxing effects, and is commonly given to young children...  
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Leaf offers different types of leaf teas and herbal teas/infusions , all 100% natural, artisan and of high quality, sold as loose leaf, simply hand packed in our London workshop. Together with a lovely selection of tea accessories, tea gifts and a few textile gifts for the home we hope you will find everything for an afternoon at home with a cup of tea.

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