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Leaf tea taster box with paper filters:
chai tea, black tea rose, organic green tea £ 7.95
organic assam tea, organic oolong tea, organic Darjeeling tea £ 7.95
English Breakfast tea, everyday black tea, black tea lychee £ 7.95
jasmine tea, organic white tea, organic green tea £ 7.95
earl grey, chai tea, English Breakfast £ 7.95
balancing infusion, organic rooibos infusion, peppermint infusion £ 7.95
Full set of 6 boxes (10% discount + FREE delivery) £ 47.70
New! Here is a gift idea to put a smile on a tea drinker's face:

lovingly packed by hand in our workshop, 3 packs of loose leaf teas (enough for up to 30...

Mini variety taster sets
6 mini tea tins £ 8.00
6 mini herbal infusion tins £ 8.00
A surprise selection of 6 of our loose leaf teas or infusions in our mini matchbox taster tins. A great way to try ! Ideal stocking filler for Christmas.  
Organic oolong 'blue' tea
50g leaf tea - 50 cups £ 8.80
15g leaf tea - 15 cups taster pack £ 2.50
A delicious and very interesting oolong tea that envelops you with its strong warm scent...and becomes lighter and slightly floral when tasted. It is stronger than green tea but doesn’t have the punch of black tea. ...  
Earl grey tea
125g leaf tea - 60 cups £ 8.90
Earl Grey taster tin 20g £ 3.50
25g leaf tea - 12 cups taster pack £ 2.20
A light flavoursome tea naturally scented with essentials oils of Sicilian bergamot. Its sunny citrus flavour is uplifting and a favourite of ours. No added artificial flavouring in this tea!  
Black tea from the roof of the world...
50g leaf tea - 20 cups £ 4.40
125g leaf tea - 50 cups £ 9.00
25g leaf tea - 10 cups taster pack £ 2.50
This tea has come all the way from Nepal, "the roof of the world", from a tea garden called Maloom. A very fine tea in the continuation of Darjeeling, both geographically and in taste!  
Organic black tea from Assam
125g leaf tea - 50 cups £ 9.00
20g taster tin £ 3.50
25g leaf tea - 10 cups taster pack £ 2.00
Organically grown in the western part of Assam. Grown in tropical conditions, this tea reveals a strong round taste, and a lovely malty spiciness. A classic tea.  
Green tea nests
Looking for something different? Light and tangy, this green tea reminds us of fresh morning grass... Nests are tea leaves compressed into the shape of little birds nests, an ancient technic from China.  
Organic black tea from Darjeeling
125g leaf tea - 50 cups £ 11.00
taster tin 20g £ 3.00
25g leaf tea - 10 cups taster pack £ 2.80
You can't go wrong with this Darjeeling. A fresh tasting tea with a delightful subtle floral aroma, which comes from altitudes of up to 1,850 meters in a small tea garden called Lingia, which means “triangle of...  
Green tea rosettes
Tea rosettes can be infused up to 7 times! (so don't look at the price too literally). These will seduce anybody into green tea with their delicate, sweet and refreshing taste. We drink it all day long...  
Organic jasmine scented green tea pearls
50g leaf tea - 50 cups £ 11.80
25g leaf tea - 25 cups taster pack £ 6.00
Treat yourself to this rare high quality tea rolled together by hand into little pearls. The tea has been mixed with jasmine flowers in a long artisan process until the leaves absorb the refreshing, subtle, divine sweetness...  
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Leaf offers different types of leaf teas and herbal teas/infusions , all 100% natural, artisan and of high quality, sold as loose leaf, simply hand packed in our London workshop. Together with a lovely selection of tea accessories, tea gifts and a few textile gifts for the home we hope you will find everything for an afternoon at home with a cup of tea.

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