Jasmine Green tea flowers 125g bag (approx. 20 flowers)

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Jasmine Green tea flowers
125g bag (approx. 20 flowers) £ 20.00
taster tin min. 20g - 4 flowers £ 5.90

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A delicate, refreshing, light, silky tea with a subtle sweetness brought by the jasmine and very delicate floral note with the amaranth flower. There is no bitterness at all...a delight!

The term of ‘tea flower’ refers to the art of combining tea with flowers and presenting them into mini ‘sculptures’. It is an ancient Chinese tradition and only very agile hands are able to put these together by hand.

It is made of up to 200 high quality green tea buds tied together by hand around a pink amaranth flower. The tea buds have been scented with jasmine by previously mixing the tea with jasmine petals until the tea absorbs the jasmine scent. (there is no actual jasmine petals left in the final ‘sculpture’).

The quality of the green tea is of the best. Only the youngest buds/tips have been used. These young buds/tips are believed to be richer in protective antioxidants (antioxidants protect body cells against harmful rays). They also hold the most delicate and refined taste of green tea. They used to be reserved for Chinese Emperors.

Preparation instructions are available on the pack.

For those who like the details: from China

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Leaf offers different types of leaf teas and herbal teas/infusions , all 100% natural, artisan and of high quality, sold as loose leaf, simply hand packed in our London workshop. Together with a lovely selection of tea accessories, tea gifts and a few textile gifts for the home we hope you will find everything for an afternoon at home with a cup of tea.

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