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leaf teas & infusions: a healthy choice


Leaf teas make health an everyday pleasure !
Most of us don't need a reason to drink tea, we enjoy it for its taste and the satisfaction it gives us. But if we told you that it can do you good too? Would you drink more of it? Next time you feel hesitant when you're onto your fourth cup or so just remember that tea, in the scheme of things, is pretty harmless! And there is nothing new there. The usage of tea as a soft remedy goes back as far as the plant itself! (But let’s be clear, tea is not a "medicine"). Tea is authentic, natural, 0 calorie, less than half the caffeine of coffee and in a world of E numbers it is a refreshingly simple and obvious choice. In fact 4 cups of tea a day is believed to contribute to a healthy lifestyle ! Tea contains minerals (incl. potassium) and vitamins (incl. Niacin and Roboflavin). Some of the specific benefits of tea have been highlighted by scientist communities include hydration, stimulation, and good source of nutrients. But the two benefits that have been given the most attention and interest are:

Body cells protection
Since the 1990’s, tea benefits have been observed in serious illnesses like cancer. Indeed, tea contains protective antioxidants (from its polyphenols also found in fruits and wine), which fight free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for the ageing of cells, often weakened during these illnesses and deteriorating the immune system. Green tea and particularly white tea are believed to be very rich in antioxidants.

Good for the arteries
It is believed that tea may have cardiovascular protective properties, including the possible ability to help a reduction in blood lipids, which has also led to believe tea might help melting body fats and therefore help your figure...(not sure about that)

Quality leaf teas are superior in health properties!
Quality leaf teas start with a quality picking process, involving picking, by hand most of the time, only the youngest tea leaves and buds, the most exposed to the sun and believed to contain more essential oils and vitamins than the bigger older leaves. Standard teas use mechanised picking, less selective, often picking up to the 10th leaf and often mixed with less interesting stalk, the latter very poor in goodness. It is believed that most of the protective antioxidants in tea are contained in the youngest leaves of the tea bush...This is not a new fact, already a study by Dr Harler decades ago suggested that 90% of the antioxidants were in the top 3 leaves and buds. One more reason why avoiding poor supermarket teabags!!

See www.teacouncil.co.uk for more information about tea and health.


Herbal Infusions: Aromatherapy for taste buds!
Even though most people call them herbal teas, these herbal infusions are not teas. Confused ? Sorry! Infusions are made from leaves, flowers, roots or seeds of plants other than the tea plant (the tea plant or bush is called Camelia Sinesis) . So, if it's got no tea in it, it's not a tea! Always considered as natural gifts, they have been very appreciated in Europe and cultivated in many wall gardens. Maybe you've got your own? Infusions have also evolved with our taste buds, our imagination and our desire for new tastes, often adding fruits or other interesting ingredients to them. Infusions are full of taste but also full of goodness. Each herb or plant has its own power and specific health benefits. Some of the most mainstream are peppermint and its soothing effect on digestion, basil on memory, camomile on relaxing. If you are curious about the effects of herbs there are some books on this subject. A very affordable one is The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Thomas Bartram. We have a selection of infusions in our shop online, feel free to have a look. When relevant we try to describe their health benefits.

Note that if you are pregnant, it is recommended to check with your doctor what is suitable for you at the different stages of your pregnancy, as tea and herbs can have potent effects which may or may not be suitable for you at any time.


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Leaf offers different types of leaf teas and herbal teas/infusions , all 100% natural, artisan and of high quality, sold as loose leaf, simply hand packed in our London workshop. Together with a lovely selection of tea accessories, tea gifts and a few textile gifts for the home we hope you will find everything for an afternoon at home with a cup of tea.

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